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    Customized Project Template

      I am using the trial version of RH7 (HTML version), but should have the upgrade version as soon as the PO goes thru early next week. So I don't know if this is a trial limitation or RH7 bug or operator error, but any thoughts, comments, advice would be greatly appreciated.

      I am trying to customize project templates. However, I cannot customize a project template, nor have any files recgonized by RH7. If I copy the css, templates, images, glossary, etc. via the windows explorer RH7 doesn't "see" them and I can't use them. I want to set up 1 or 2 customized Project Templates that will hold the css, basic images, glossary, file structure, templates, etc...so that the rest of my team does not have to import all this data in every time they start a new project. I can copy all this data into a customized project setting, but it does not see it.

      I used to do this in the older versions, so I am hoping this is just a trial limitation not an extinct feature. Thoughts?