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    Strange indent override


      I'm setting a 330 page book in cs6. The text includes lots of reports, letters and other kinds of content and I've used right and left insets to highlight the difference between these and the narrative. However, I'm having problems with the first line of some pages, for some reason the insets are overridden.


      Here's an example. http://www.owenjonesdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Screen-Shot-2014-02-07-at-11.47. 50.png


      The odd thing is that this can go away if I pull up the height of the text box from the top centre handle. If I then move it back down to the right height the problem is gone. BUT it might pop up somewhere else or come back later! It seems very buggy and not a normal problem.


      If I make a pdf it shows up the problem still so it's obviously a problem with the formatting somewhere (although if I highlight the text and check the settings they are correct).


      I seriously don't want to have to reset this book in a new document. Has anyone experienced something like this? Any suggestions?