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    Can't use JPEG or PNG image for scanned signature, only PDF




      I'm going through the process of having all of my customers creating a self-signed digital ID and including their actual signature so that I can match it with physically signed documents.


      As this is a huge task, I am creating a guide for my customers to follow but I have come across a huge hurdle in regards to importing a scanned signature.


      I am asking all customers to install or update to Acrobat Reader XI however when in the process of creating a signature appearance there is no option to import a JPEG, PNG or any file other than a PDF.


      My version of Acrobat X Pro gives the options but Reader XI doesn't. The issue is the customers cannot crop a scanned PDF using Reader XI so if they use their scanned PDF the signature is unacceptable.


      Could you please tell me why there is no option other than PDF??????