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    Any reason to get CS6 if I am getting CC? Any features removed?

    TimmyCrackCorn Level 1



      I currently have been using Adobe Production Premium CS4 as well as After Effects CS5.5.  I have been resistent to the entire Creative Cloud paradigm for some time now for a number of reasons.  However, recent incentives and other influences have me just about ready to pull the trigger on a CC subscription.


      However, I was wondering if there might be a point in ALSO obtaining AE CS 6?  Have any features been REMOVED since CS5.5 in AE CC?  I also was thinking that it would be nice to have the very last version of AE that will work WITHOUT a subscription for eternity.  (Would be nice to have the entire CS6 Prod. Prem. Suite for the same reason, but I just can't afford that really.)


      Also, all past versions of AE (and most other apps) have allowed for peaceful coexistence between multiple versions being installed on the same machine.  Just wondering if this has changed at all with regards to the CC?  In other words, any issue installing AE CC on a machine with AE CS5.5 and/or CS6?


      Thanks for any insight you can offer.