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    Lens Corrections unavailable in Adobe Camera Raw 8.3




      since i switched to photoshop CC (mac version), i am having constant problems with lens corrections in ACR 8.3. i am a professional photographer and i use various canon pro lenses that all exist as unique lens profiles already in photoshop and ACR's lens profile archives. when i open canon .CR2 files in adobe ACR 8.3, i encounter the message "unable to load lens profile" at the bottom right of dialog box and even though the correct lenses are identified, ACR cannot apply corrections (please see the attached visual). furthermore, this behavior happens to be sort of erratic, since it may sometimes decide to apply corrections without displaying the "unable to load lens profile" error message.


      when i open the files into photoshop CC without being able to apply corrections, i try the "lens correction" menu within photoshop and it works. it is very cumbersome not to be able to do this at the ACR stage.


      the ACR that came with photoshop CS 6 never had such problems and it corrected all the lenses that i had.


      can you please help me to fix this issue ASAP, since this error makes me lose a lot of time in my workflow.


      i also have photoshop CS6 installed in the same disk, could this have any effect?


      best regards,

      murat germen

      Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 15.18.16.png