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    Help with FLVPlayback Behaviors

      I followed the tutorial on this page, http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/articles/flvplayback_behaviors.html.
      (This tutorial uses "Set Videos" from the FlVPlayback control" Behaviors.)

      However, the videos load one after another until the last one is reached. I am using a button to start each video but I just want it play the selected video until the end ... not play the next video in the index.

      Here is a snippet of code I used to try to stop the next video from loading( but it's not working :( .....

      Please Help!

      on (release) {

      // Set Video Index Behavior

      this._parent.lizvideo.activeVideoPlayerIndex = 0;
      this._parent.lizvideo.visibleVideoPlayerIndex = 0;

      //this is the part I was hoping would work but does not!! Any help Would be appreciated.

      if(Math.round(this._parent.lizvideo.playheadTime) == this._parent.lizvideo.totalTime)


      // End Set Video Index Behavior