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    Where Did My Actions Menu Go In Version 14.2


      My version of Photoshop CC was not working well at all so I uninstalled it completely, rebooted my machine and reinstalled it.  One thing I did have that is no longer there was the Actions Menu where you could do a number of things in Actions such as: Duplicate, Delete, Record and so forth.  It was just a small set of lines at the very top right-hand side of the side bar when you were using Actions.  I do a LOT of batch work and I'm very lost without it.  Once I worked all the bugs out a series of Actions I needed I Duplicate them for as many times I needed them to run.  I'd sure appreciate some help.  Being in this business since 1985 doesn't mean I know everything although I do know a little about a few things.  Now that I'm retired and ONLY working for the Greater Good I subscribed to Adobe's $49.95 a month plan for fun.  Well sometimes it's Very Fun, sometimes it's like getting a toothache on the weekend and having to wait until Monday to see the dentist.   Last time that happened I couldn't wait, I rigged up a tooth pulling apparatus in the garage and yanked that little baby out.  Monday when I did see the dentist I found out I yanked out a perfectly good tooth.  He charged me $1,600.00 to pull out 4 I couldn't see.  Here I thought I was goung to save myself some money. . .