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    Connecting to another director based app?

    khomel Level 1
      I've created a game some time ago where the user can network together machines for a combined scoreboard. A simple quiz game, but the shared scoreboard sells it. To do it, I'm simply pointing each instance of the app (on each machine, that is) to a single text file which is updated as players score points. Then each game checks that same text file and updates the scoreboard so no matter how many machines are playing, they are all playing the same game.

      To do this, I have to have the user map a network drive. As you might guess, this can be painful sometimes, especially when I get a tech support call from them at 5am before their event starts.

      Is there any way to automate this process? For example, when I play command and conquer or quake or whatever game, the machines on the network can "see" each other. It would be nice if I could have director see the other instances running on the same network so the path could be set by itself. Just set a flag on the "master" machine and all other machines would slave to that one.

      Any ideas?