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    loading levels under elements in time line

    bb73 Level 1
      I have a master container file that holds elements like a navigation, border, logo and other items that need to be visible at all times. I put these elements on the stage in various layers.
      Upon clicking on buttons within the navigation, external .swf files are then loaded into this container file. The loaded .swfs go into an empty movie clip called "target_mc", created using ActionScript:


      here's the AS for one of the buttons:
      on (release) {
      loadMovie("MM/01_home_SR_3404.swf", "target_mc");

      Everything works fine, however the loaded .swfs are coming in on top of the elements in my timeline. Is there a way to have then come in under these elements? I know using AS to load these elements in the same way as the .swfs will solve the problem, but I like being able to see them in the time line so that it's easier to make adjustments. I also know that creating an empty movie clip that sits on the time line in a lower layer to hold the .swfs will solve the problem, however I need to load them into levels so I can eventually do things like swap depth and load to the next highest level.
      any advice would be greatly appreciated.