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    Question Re: Character Limitations On Folder Name When Packaging...


      So ever since I upgraded to Creative Cloud I noticed that InDesign is having trouble handling my somewhat lengthy filenames.  For example, I just created a file with 48 character spaces in the filename.  When I finished finessing the artwork I saved the INDD file, then went to package it and when the dialog box popped up asking me where I wanted to save the packaged folder, InDesign had only auto-filled in 12 of the 48-character count, deleting the other 36 characters.  Please note that this has never been a problem in the past with previous versions of InDesign.  FYI I'm rinning version 9.2 on a Mac (Mavericks).  Hoping this is just a pref. setting.  Thoughts?


      Also important to note that if I re-type the remaining characters that were deleted (or navigate to the original INDD file and mouse click it so it "picks up" the correct filename) I can proceed without any issues.  I save it and it saves the full name without any errors.  But to have to fill in the missing characters every time I package a job is quite tedious, so any help would be greatly appreciated.