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    GTX 760 4gb render problem Photoshop CS 6 64x




      I recently upgraded my old Asus 560ti to a EVGA GTX760 because of the performance benefit.

      With this upgrade nothing else changes, only a new driver install Geforce 332.21 (and remove old drivers of course).

      Everything worked perfectly, but when I do some render work in Photoshop CS6 my quad core cpu is running at 100% at all of the 4 cores and nothing happened.

      I need to kill the process to work properly and before I had no issue at all.


      I re-install Windows 7 x64 completely with SP1, fresh install of Photoshop cs6 x64 same problem. Disabled GPU acceleration, enabled basic mode, removed preferences.

      With or without graphic acceleration in Photoshop the fan speed is increased by doing some render work and the cores are running at 100%.

      Nothing will work. Could this be a bug in the Nvidia drivers or do I need to update the bios of the card or motherboard?



      I used process explorer to look at the resources when rendering. This is the result.

      Left idle and right when rendering (100% cpu) with graphic acceleration on