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    Don't want a numeric field to round




      I am having a rounding problem. It is a simple numeric field of 20 "combed" boxes. The patterns are all set to num{zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz9} (I have tried all 9's also). There are no events or equations set on the field and I have it listed as a float but have tried integer too. But if I fill out the field completely for testing, the last 4 or 5 numbers are rounding up (converting the last 3 or 4 numbers to zero). And always rounding up, never down. Oddly, as I try to retype the zero's to something other than zero, it will actually continue to increase the rounded number...if that makes any sense. It only occurs if I fill out the field completely.


      I have tried creating the field from new thinking that maybe this field held a calc or setting somewhere from a previous form but with the same result.


      What am I missing?