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    Unable to locate executable

      I have just tried all my scope possibilities, please
      look for other posts , searching for the tittle of this message,
      there's a lot of people with the same problem.
      Basically what happens is that, in one of the steps of the installation, a pop pup appears and complete installation falls down.
      I have a Windows xp sp2 , and it is not an updated Windows 2000
      I hope somebody could help as soonly
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          peterent Level 2
          In the cases we have found so far there are 2 possibilities:

          1. You must have administrator privileges to install Flex Builder. Apologies if that isn't clear in the installation guide. The installer needs to have write permission in the installation directory, usually c:\program files. There are also installations into c:\windows directories.

          2. You have a corrupted installation file. The file on our servers is OK, we've verified it but sometimes, and this happened to me, too, the download gets corrupted. Try and download a new copy.
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            gclavell Level 1
            thanks peter,

            but the 2 possibilities you gave me were in my scope possibilities.
            The problem i have is happeneng with my personal computer wich have only one user. Otherwise , I have tried with a lot of installation files , some of those had no troubles to install in others machines.

            Please, help me .... i need a laboratory installation for my pc because i'm roockie and io need to investigate at home

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              peterent Level 2
              First verify that this user account does have admin privileges. It is possible that it does not.

              Then do the install again, but this time write down the exact error message and on which step the problem happens. Then post that information here.