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    RoboHelp application not opening

    R0bert! Level 1
      I am running RoboHelp Office X5 on win XP. I have been using the application for at least a year and a half. I recently upgraded my machine and was able to run the application and have made several updates. Today for some reason, I cannot get the application to run. When I click on the application icon, I get an hour glass for about 3 seconds. It then goes away and the application will not start. The only changes I can think of that have been made on my machine recently is I have upgraded to the most recent version of Rational Clear Case version software and I have also upgraded to IE 7. Other than that I have not made any changes in the software on my machine. We have purchased RoboHelp 7, but it will not arrive for a several weeks and I need to make updates immediately. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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          MergeThis Level 4
          If you upgraded to the Vista OS, it's not supported for RH X5 (also no for RH6, but yes for RH7).

          An upgrade to your source control app should not affect opening the RH app (opening an RH project...maybe).

          Nor should an upgrade to IE7 affect opening the RH app.

          Try an uninstall/install.

          Good luck,