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    file size limit for air app?


      Hi- I'm receiving this error when doing export release build


      Error creating file:Packaging failed. Packager internal error


      Debugs fine.  On export release build, It makes it all the way through the process does that right before it finishes.  My work around is to uncheck a bunch of videos i have included in Package Contents in Packaging settings. that or make all the videos smaller.  If i get it under 2.3GB's then it works. (my swf is 10mb and the rest is f4v videos)


      I'm trying to do this on a PC as well and getting differenct file size limitations.  could this have something to do with exporting across a server? I'm on a terrablock and have had issues before.


      Action script project

      Flash Builder 4.7

      OSX 10.8.5

      AIR SDK 4.0

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          Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one with the problem.

          I don't think this is related to size - I reproduce this error even with an empty project and with our custom building scripts using mxmlc/adt.

          Exporting neither "Signed native installer" nor "Signed application with captive runtime" works. Exporting signed AIR package does work, but fails at installation.

          Dear Adobe, could you kindly take a look at the issue, or remove information about AIR supporting native MacOS builds? Our publisher insists on creating MacOS version of our product, but at the moment it seems it might be impossible.

          I can provide you with few thousand final lines of log with all adt syscalls (made using dtruss), if you provide an e-mail address.


          Flash Builder 4.7

          OSX 10.7.5

          AIR SDK 14.0