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    Filter clears blendMode

      I have tested this bug without Fuse and it seems to be a general Flash issue.
      Possibly a bug?

      I tried to tween a blur filter for my MovieClip.
      Inside my MovieClip I have 2 MovieClips.
      One of these MovieClips (img) has an "overlay" blendMode.
      There is a textfield in this same MovieClip (img).

      When I rollover the main MovieClip, I want it to tween a blur in and then onRollOut, tween to no blur.

      The problem is that the blur on the parent MovieClip is deleting the blendMode on the MovieClip inside it.

      Is there a way I can work around this?
      I have tried every way I could think of and it seems the Fuse (or perhaps just Flash in general) is designed to clear the blendMode?

      I thought I could at least place the BlendMode on the MovieClip when the blur had stopped, but for some reason it wont work. Only if I delete the filter, will it show the overlay.

      That's obviously pointless though as I still have 2 issues:

      1. The blendMode is lost during the blur animation.
      2. The TextField goes crazy during the blur animation.

      :x man this is killing me. I can't believe it won't work.

      I've created an example FLA to show the above issues.
      It's on as.org forums here