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    Photoshop CS6 no longer detects graphics driver




      For some reason, most of the GPU features in photoshop (scrubby zoom, 3d, etc) no longer works for me. When I checked in the Preference->Performance tab, nothing shows up on the "Detected Graphics Processor" tab. I have no idea what could've caused it other than a crash, and a windows 8.1 update. It used to work just fine, and now it just won't detect the driver no matter what.


      I run Windows 8.1 64bit with NVIDIA GeForce GT720M as my graphics card. I believe my resolution/other specs are not a problem, since as I've said before it used to work just fine before the crash.


      I have tried updating the driver, rollbacking the driver, updating it again, tinkering with the NVIDIA control panel, reinstalling photoshop, resetting photoshop preferences, everything. Nothing changed.


      When I tried running the sniffer_gpu.exe, however, I was met with this message:


      Could not connect. Error code = 0x80041002
      Vendor string:         NVIDIA Corporation
      Renderer string:     GeForceGT720M/PCIe/SSE2
      Version string:        2.1.2


      OpenGL version as determined by extensionator...
      OpenGL Version 2.0

      Has NPOT support: TRUE

      Has Framebuffer Object Extension support: TRUE
      OpenGL ok


      Does the error code has anything to do with it? I tried updating the driver multiple times and it persists, and I've also tried renaming the sniffer_gpu.exe itself


      Help would be much appreciated.. I've tried everything I could find online and nothing helped. Do tell if you need more info regarding my device. Thank you.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Did this happen after updating Win 8 to 8.1?  That happened to me, and it turns out that the 8.1 installer arbitarily chages the graphics driver to a generic driver of questionable value.   All I knew was that Photoshop slowed dramatically after updating to Win8.1 and low and behold, GPU acceleration was greyed out.


          In my case a visit to the nVidia drivers site fixed the problem.

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            Votbear Level 1

            No, I've been using win 8.1 all along and it worked fine at first. One day the OS just froze though, forcing me to do a forced reset (pressing the power button). I don't really know if that was the cause, but it's one of the only 'major' things that happened that could've possibly caused the problem. That, or a win8.1 update.


            I have just tried fixing registries too, but to no avail. I tried updating nvidia to the newest version, rollbacking and updating again, but I have actually yet to reinstall nvidia. I guess I'm going to do that now...


            Edit: I missed some lines on the sniffer_gpu.exe output


            OpenGL ok, version 1.1 CUDA 4.2.1

            Return code: 3

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              Level 7

              That does indicate that your video driver has a bug.


              Have you contacted NVidia about this?