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    Can't download Flash Player on Mac

    ehowie81 Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      OK, so I have been trying to download Flash Player on my Mac for a few days now. I've checked all the FAQ's and probably read every thread but still no luck. I am using Safari 5.1.10.


      It was running fine until Tuesday when all of a sudden I couldn't watch any Youtube videos. It said I need to upgrade my Flash Player. I tried doing that but what happens is I get to this screen:




      I click Download Now, it then says "Your download should start shortly" then then screen goes dark grey and it looks like something is happening the address bar, it goes from white to blue like when a page is loading. It takes about 10 seconds to reach the end then it just stops like it's finished. I check to see if anything has downloaded and it's not. I tried uninstalling my old Flash Player and restarting the Mac but still theres nothing there. I've checked Preferences to make sure the "Allow All Other Plug-Ins" box is checked, i've tried right-clicking on the Download Now button but still no joy.


      I found the red Install Adobe Flash Player icon, clicked that and put my password in. A grey box comes up that says Initialising, that reaches 100% then it says Retrieving Install. That one however doesn't load. Instead I get a box that says Installation encountered errors. Error has been encountered. Close this window and try downloading again. I click on done then another screen opens. This one says Adobe Flash Player could not be installed.


      I have tried everything I can think of, can anybody help?