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    SCORM-Based Presenter content does not track in LMS when using IE9 or above

    Lam Video Dude

      MS has changed IE browser behavior to restrict SCORM communication between course content and an LMS when content is launched using IE 9, 10, or 11.  This is not specific to a particular LMS. The problem occurs with Presenter 7 and 8 content. It occurs with Articluate content. It's about a security fix that was implemented with "unintended consequences". The work around has been to force users with IE9 or 10 to run in compatiblilty mode. This may work in a corporate setting with a small # of users but a long term solution needs to found. Articulate has developed a patch for new content and an "updater" that wil fix existing content.


      I do not see any mention of this problem on the Presenter site. What is Adobe doing to fix this? There has to be a way to update existing content automatically as we can not afford to republish all our content.


      I need help with this issue.