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    Window 2-Up Vertical

    boo radley 2013 Level 3

      Let's say I have 2 images opened and want to view them side by side. So I go to Window/Arrange/2-up Vertical


      Now they're side-by-side. Now if I want to make one of the windows a little wider horizontally, I need to grab the vertical bar that separates them vertically until the cursor changes to an arrow (looks like <->). Then click, hold and drag the bar left or right.


      Does anyone else find this to be really tedious? Only 50% of the time am I able to actually grab onto that vertical bar, the other half of the time my click misses and it ends up either clicking the vertical scrollbar on one of the two images or it clicks nothing. But if successful, the drag is still very laggy and slow.


      (A very small issue, I know ), but I tend to use this feature many many times per day.


      Anyone else ever had this problem? If so, is there some sort of a way to imrpove it, like being able to set a pre-defined wideness of document windows when they're side-by-side?