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    What Computer Do I Buy?

    Espience Films Level 1

      NOTE** Sorry for terrible Grammar and spelling!


      I usually consider  myself pretty tech savy, but I am having a tough Time Making Desicions on what to buy. I am now working for a TV show, and need to buy an editing rig capable of handling multicam of HD video as well as in the near future 2.5K and 4K video...Nothing insane, but still pretty heavy! I have been toying with Building my own pc or buying a 2013 Mac Pro. In both of these builds I would LIKE to have new monitors, but could still use mine if need be. I also would LIKE a Backup Hard Drive But if need be I can do with what I have. Lastly, I want a Macbook in the future, so If i could get it now great but im not sure yet.


      So my biggest dilema is both Price and Operating Systems. I HATE WINDOWS! Hate it, but can work with it but would rather have the combfort of the OSX that i prefer. So either way I'd like to TRY to do a hackintosh if I end up going that route...only thing is...much harder work and much more areas to fail so thats one of the biggest problems.


      The next is price...I would like to keep EVERYTHING inlcuding monitors and external drives and maybe even the laptop if i go build under $8200!


      OPTION 1: The 2013 Mac Pro


      This thing is a beast evewrywhere basically but my main dilema with this is Pricing compared to RAM (32 vs 64) and 256 vs 512 Hard Drive....Going less on both saves money but at the same time, Id rather do it all now and not have to worry later! Unforunetely at this price tag, I have very little options for Hard Drives and Laptops and Monitors concidering the 8 core with those stats brings it closer. The 2 monitors I am deciding on on EVERY build option is a Asus 27" True Color Pa279X or whateter and a LG 21:9 Monitor. Either way for monitors I'd like those. So on that note I'm not sure to spec out the mac and go one or no monitor and hard drive and latop, cut back a little on the mac and get a hardrive or nice monitor...not sure!


      OPTION 2: Hackintosh


      Basically both PC Builds have 6 core processors and GTX 780 TI's which is nice for Adobe products, pretty much good stuff, and 64GB of RAM, and building this allows me for good monitors and potentially the macbook pro too! Only downfall is I will have to build it, which isnt bad, but I will have to try to get OSX on it and try not to mess it up now, or down the road...I also want to upgrade regulkarly then, but dont want to have to mess with OSX every time...which is a pain.


      Last option is to build a PC specced out with Laptops, and Hard Drives, and Good Parts BUT wont run Mac OSX which is mainly my last resort!


      PHEWWW! haha Thanks for reading and hopefully someone can give me good insight to what to do! Thanks again!

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I do NOT know if either of these places does Mac computer




          >Last option is to build a PC specced out with Laptops

          Laptop to edit 4k red video http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1108124

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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            Strongly suggest you talk to Eric at ADK and see what he can do for you.  He is intimately familiar with both PC,s and Mac's.  He is a very honest and very technically qualified person to deal with on video editing systems

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              hbernhard Level 1

              a possible option would also be a full speced iMac with Thunderbolt1/2 Areca/Pegasus Raid subsystems. This would give you some (price) headroom in adding a control monitor.  The above mentioned  storage subsystem could be also connected directly to a Mac laptop or later on to a Mac Pro when needed.


              If you want to go the PC route, everything is said above already from the other forum members.


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                Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Bill Gehrke wrote:


                Strongly suggest you talk to Eric at ADK and see what he can do for you.  He is intimately familiar with both PC,s and Mac's.  He is a very honest and very technically qualified person to deal with on video editing systems

                ...and you won't find better customer service anywhere.

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                  cc_merchant Level 4

                  Without wanting to get into a PC-Mac war, I just looked over a potential 'Trashcan' MacPro configuration. The picture below shows what I have chosen and I have some serious doubts about that configuration. First of all, it is only a SINGLE CPU configuration, not a dual CPU. Secondly, it uses dual D700 FirePro cards, which do not yet measure up to a single GTX Titan for PR. Third, it uses a Thunderbolt 2.0 connection to the Promise R6 (6 by 2TB) which is limited to around 500 MB/s transfer rate. For comparison, a more affordable PC achieves around 2500 MB/s with SSD's. But even with these limitations, the price tag on the new MacPro is around $ 12.5K versus a much faster PC with a price tag of around $ 11K (with 48 logical cores instead of only 24, with double the L3 cache, with 5 times the transfer speed and faster video).



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                    ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                    with 4K media, you would want the following specs at the least for nMPro or dont bother and just get the Imac. The PC obviously is the better option with the configuration options but your preference for OSX may over rule that.


                    8 Core CPU

                    64 GB of ram



                    Anything less with that media and just get an Imac.