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    premiere elements 11


      When I add an .mpg file to the timeline it flashes on each frame instead of playing back smoothly.  Is there a setting to correct this ?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What computer operating system is Premiere Elements 11 running on?


          Are you or the program setting the project preset? The program takes over that job in versions 11 and 12. Sometimes it does it OK, sometimes not so OK.


          1. What are the properties of this ".mpg" file...video and audio compressions, frame size, frame rate, interlaced or progressive, file extension (presumed .mpg???), pixel aspect ratio? What is the brand/model/settings of the camera that recorded this video?


          2. Are you seeing these flashes after you have applied Effects to the clips?


          3. Is there an orange line over the Timeline content so that when you hit the Enter key of the computer main keyboard a rendering process takes place instead of just a playback of what you have on the Timeline? This type of rendering (when indicated) gives you the best possible preview of what you have.


          4. What is a description of your computer and its resources?


          Let us start here and then decide what next.





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            joe789 Level 1

            file ext is  .mpg ,  720 by 480   bit rate 128 kbps

            This movie was created in an earlier version of premiere

            I created a new project and entered the presets before clicking on "add media"

            I tried to view it before and after rendering - same problem.

            I'm running an I7 3770K cpu with  16GB memory.

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              joe789 Level 1

              I replied on the forum – didn’t realize an email was coming (I’m new to the forum).

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You DO reply on the forum... you have evidently set YOUR forum configuration to have emails


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