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    Problem with Click Box Last Attempt functionality




      I am trying to create a course like the Photoshop course found here



      I have a project that gives the user a maximum of 2 attempts to perform an action on a page before they can move to the next slide.

      If on the second attempt they get it wrong Last attempt is set to jump to a page saying they have got the step wrong and should revisit the course material.


      My project only has 2 of these interactions on separate pages, one after another.

      The problem I have is the interaction on the first page does not jump to failure page, but the second page does if I exceed the Attemps.

      I am confused


      A matter of fact I actually just duplicated the first page to create the second. Action settings are the same. On Success go to next slide, Attempts 2, Last attempt Jump to slide.


      I am working in W7 Cp 6.01.240. I have also cleared the cache.


      One unusual thing I have noticed is that if I get the last interaction wrong and revisit the course material, the first interaction behaves on the next attemp. ????


      The last interaction does have Reporting enabled as I want to tell the LMS that the student has made it to the end of the assessment and passed.

      I thought that maybe the problem so I set the fisrt interaction to report also but that did not work.


      Any Ideas?


      And sure enough the sample course I downloaded works perfect. I am positive I have got mine set the same.


      I can email my file if someone is able to have a look at it for me. or here it is in dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/emlm002t1ot2nw3/Course_Module_1b.cptx