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    Flash Player Installer Is Atrocious


      Flash Player Installer absolutely sucks!  It is without doubt the worst program I have to interact with on a regular basis.


      First, you have to download the installer.  17 Mb!!!  Talk about bloatware!  I guess cable modem users might not complain, but is that really close to 100% of all people now?


      Then, once the installer is downloaded, which usually takes about 5 minutes, installing the program takes only a few seconds.  Does something seem disproportionate here?


      Then, the thing I hate the most, is that you try to trick me into enabling silent automatic updates.  Why can't you leave my settings as they are?  But no, I have to remember to opt OUT.  Every time.


      The next thing I hate even more, but which is part of Flash Player itself and not the installer, is that, if I forget to change the check box, and only see it after I have hit the Done button and the dialog window is closing, I can't just go to Control Panel (I have a Windows system) and fix it. 


      I have to go to Goolge and look up how to do it.  Then I have to go to the web page Google found, then to another web page linked to from that instruction page, wait for yet another download, and then right-click it, choose Properties and then disable the blinkety-blank silent automatic updates.


      All this takes at least 10 minutes of completely unnecessary time.


      Today, after you had tricked me into enabling silent automatic updates and I got to that web page, it told me that the animation required a new tool and I needed a new version of Flash Player.  Even though I had just finished updating it not five minutes before!!!


      This took me to yet another web page, where I had to install Flash Player from scratch!  This took at least another 10 minutes!


      When I was finally all done, I went back to the web page where I can disable automatic updates, and when the "animation" loaded, all I saw was something that looked like an ad.  No movement whatsoever.  This is an animation?


      I right-clicked on it anyway, just to see what would happen, and I did get the menu that allowed me to select Properties, so I was able to disable silent automatic updates.


      All this wasted about half an hour of my valuable time.  For nothing!!!


      Yes, I wasted more time writing this, but I am so angry I really wanted to express it.  This entire experience today was so infuriating that I seriously considered just uninstalling Flash Player altogether.


      I am a professional software designer, and I'm telling you, if I ever designed a piece of software as bad as Flash Player Installer, I would be fired.  And I think your designers ought to be fired too.




      As I was proofreading this post, my firewall pops up that Adobe Flash Player Updater wants to access the Internet.  So all this rigmarole I had to go through didn't even work!!!


      I just told the firewall to permanantly block any access from Flash Player Updater to the internet.  I won't ever get any updates, but I am past the point of caring.


      Once again, I think the entire installer team ought to be fired.