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    Stop auto importing audio recordings




      I have Adobe Presenter 9 and MS Powerpoint 2010. I work on a number of presentations, and I do record audio for some of them so that they can be published as webcasts and the sort. My problem is that as I work on slides, I've noticed two behaviors that I'd like to better control
      1. I randomly get errors about loading recordings for slides, and I want to STOP the auto import of any recordings! Is there a way to manually tell Adobe Presenter to try to pull in any audio resources that it has for the slides in the deck?

      2. MS Powerpoint asks me whether I want to save when I'm trying to close the program despite me saving the presentation before I try to close the program. I've traced this down to the Adobe Presenter component - if I uninstall presenter, after saving a presentation, if I try to close MS Powerpoint, I don't get a warning about needing to save again.


      For reference this is the dialog I run into often, and don't want to see unless I instruct Adobe to try to pull in audio. After all, 90% of the time, I'm NOT trying to make a webcast, I'm simply trying to pull together some slides to present in person.



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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          This dialog comes up because the PPT deck has been used to create a Presenter Presentation and it is looking for the source folder containing the audio, slide timings, animation timings, etc. When Presenter can't find these files, in the same location as the PPT(X) deck, then this dialog comes up asking you to help find the source files.


          If you don't want to see this dialog, either keep the PPT deck and the folder with the same name that Presenter creates together, or use a deck that hasn't had any modifications from Presenter. Alternatively, if you choose the Continue without the recordings for these slides option, it will disassociate it from the preexisting audio. and shouldn't ask for this association again.


          Yes, Presenter causes the "Do you want to save the presentaiton" dialog. I don't believe there is a way to stop this, though it may be addressed in a future update/release.