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    Can PE12 edit 4K Video?

    Kawika808 Level 1

      Panasonic has just announced the GH4, which will shoot 4K video.  Can PE12 edit 4K video?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          A recent thread here seem to conclude the 2.7 K and 4 K video from the GoPro Hero Black 3 could be edited with Premiere Elements once they were converted.


          I would have to look at the Panasonic video specifications beyond 4K size to see what it is all about. Do you have access to a sample for you tor try?


          Have you read that GoPro 2.7 K /4K thread that I mentioned.?



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Version 12 includes project presets as well as output templates for XAVC video at 3840x2160, so it is capable of editing video at those specs.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              In my test of the GoPro 2.7K & 4K, my results were positive with both, with one exception.


              This test was done with PrE 11, in an AVCHD full-HD 1920 x 1080, and the 2.7K footage Imported fine, though needed to be Scaled to the smaller Frame Size (I used both the Fixed Effect>Motion>Scale, and also the Scale to Default Frame Size). For the 4K footage, I needed to convert it with the GoPro CineForm utility, to 2.7K, before it would Import. With that conversion, it too worked well.


              I will need to explore PrE 12, and the XAVC Project, that Steve points out, as that was not available in PrE 11, at the time of my test. That might allow the 4K footage to Import natively?


              The test footage, that I used, was directly from the GoPro Web site.



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                A.T. Romano Level 7

                Hunt and SG


                Given appropriate computer resources, I was not trying to address the 3840 x 2160 frame size of 4K in the Panasonic 4K output. Rather, I was trying to avoid trying to apply a generalized "can PE 12 edit 4K video" question as applied to a specific Panasonic 4K output until I knew more about the Panasonic 4K output rather than just is frame size.


                Do you have a specific reference to 4K to the effect that all 4K are created equal with regard to all properties that would affect its compatibility with Premiere Elements?





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                  Kawika808 Level 1

                  Thanks, All,


                  Sounds like good news.  The GH4 has not yet been released, so specs on video formats are not available.  I assumed it would be a 2x version of the GH3's AVCHD 1080p, but one never knows.  I will check the GoPro thread if I can find it.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    This is the link to the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum thread that I was remembering.




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                      A.T. Romano Level 7

                      big sandy lake


                      Thanks for the link. I had started to search for that type of information but did not find anything as comprehensive as the information in the link that you posted.


                      Thanks again. Much appreciated.



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                        Kawika808 Level 1

                        Thanks to bigS. & ATR for the links.


                        A key question is whether or not one would be able to work with the full resolution in PE12 (I'm not clear as to whether or not this is the case regardless of input format).


                        One huge advantage to 4K vid (in theory) is that it should allow for a great deal of cropping and enlarging (or zoom, pan & scan, etc. in post) without totally destroying vid IQ.  My own experience with 1080 is that about 150% is a realistic maximum enlargement.  Being able to double this (in theory) would be fantastic for creating closeup scenes, etc. in post.


                        Down-sampling either before importing to PE12, or as an inevitable part of the import process, would defeat the purpose of shooting in 4K.

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                          big sandy lake Level 1

                          I agree. I'm sure ATR is working on this but if the answer is no it wil probably be addressed in the next upgrade especially if the GH4 comes in at $1500 or lower for the body. What with the Hero and Black Magic offerings the pressure is on.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Big Sandy Lake,


                            I agree with you. When the numbers justify, every video-editing software company will scramble to offer support for 4K.


                            One downside is that to easily handle the footage, one is likely to need to upgrade their hardware, to provide adequate power, to smoothly edit. Same thing happened with the advent of AVCHD - older computers, that edited SD footage nicely, choked on the AVCHD. The "guys" at Best Buy would sell the AVCHD cameras, knowing that in a few months, they would then get to see the buyers a new, more powerful computer. Vicious cycle of consumerism.


                            Not too long ago, many thought that 3D would be the video wave of the future, but that sort of died out, and I do not see much movement on that front any more - Ultra-HD will be all the rage, but we do not yet know how far-reaching that will be.



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                              Kawika808 Level 1

                              Just came across this in PC Magazine online, in a review of PE12:


                              "If you're planning to shoot in 4K, you're out of luck with Elements... Users of the GoPro Hero3, which does shoot in 4K, will need to look at alternatives such as PowerDirector."


                              So that appears to answer my initial question.

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                                VDOSurfer Level 3

                                PE12 does have a input preset for 4K and export settings for 4K. Specifically 3840x2160, that they have called QFHD in the sequence presets and XAVC-S in the Publish/Share settings. There are a variety of frame rates to go along with these settings, but the resolution seems limited to 3840x2160 and not any higher.

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                                  Kawika808 Level 1

                                  Thanks!  Good to know.


                                  Do you know if a 4K clip imported with preset QFHD is editable using the full 4K images?  In other words, does PE12 allow you to work with the full resolution prior to export, permitting increased cropping with less image degradation?


                                  I have never been clear on whether or not the project presets were for this purpose, or just to allow PE12 to correctly interpret the footage at whatever resolution PE12 uses (which for all I know might be lower resolution).