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    An output module failed.  The file may be damaged or corrupted.

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      AE_CS6_Error.jpgI have attached a screenshot with error code (-1610163464) for the error listed in the title.  It states it is an After Effects Error.  I made sure to have QuickTime Pro installed just to be sure QuickTime could render.  I am trying to render an H.264 .  If I render a QT with Animation compression, it seems to work just fine, though I can't remember which QT I rendered and it didn't output Audio even though I requested it in the settings.


      I have seen this discussed before but I can't figure out how the previous solutions worked since they did not solve my particular issue.


      I can render the same file on an old workstation with less RAM and an MBR partition.  This computer has a GPT partition.  Not sure if that makes a difference.


      One thing I should mention is that I transferred some files from my old computer to the new computer (perhaps including some preference files in the hidden AppData folder).  I am on Windows 7 64-bit on both the old and new workstations.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated because one of the reasons I invested in a newer workstation was for more storage and rendering disk space.


      If I render an AVI it comes out to 10.4GB which plays normally in Windows Media Player on the new computer but chokes on the old computer-- the file is 1:00 minute long).