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    copying short passages from digital editions

    jc tampa

      how can i copy short passages from digital ed version of a book into a word doc?  i'm reviewing a book im reading via digital editions and would like to be able to quote the bok at a few places w/out having to type the whole thing each time....any way to do that?  thanks....jc

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          I have the same issue.


          My book is a programmers book so I often need to copy bits of code offered as examples. I have been able to copy and paste small bits up until this morning: l copied the vba portion of the code demonstrated and when i came back for the xml portion, the copy button was disabled and i can't reactivate it


          Are there a limit of copy paste allowed?


          The only work around I fount was to insert notes: I can type in there what i see on the screen and than paste it in my vba editor. sucks but its easier than having to deal with side by side windows and such.