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    HTML to text field

    Bart Cross Level 4
      I have a dual site in Flash/HTML, I can load XML files into a text field without a problem, but I would like to be able to load the already existing HTML pages into the text field. What do I need to do to accomplish this?

      What I need most is to be able to use 'tables' to hold information as in an InDesign document, there are quite a lot of them in this site.

      Any tuts? Looked through the help files but the 'HTML' searchword gives you every page in the help file.
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          I don't think tha this will work, textfields can only be feeded by an xml file or a textfile.
          the textfile can hold html information (table tag is not supported), but html docs can not be loaded into a textfield (as far as i know)

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            Peter Lorent Level 2
            Flash only supports a small subset of html-tags. No tables. If you must use the html-pages you could use an IFrame. You would need to set the Flash movie to transparent (using wmode) but I've got to warn you: you can run into major problems, depending on the structure of your movie. If possible, don't go down that road.
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              What you have here is what we call a 'bad plan'.

              Flash only supports 8 or 9 tags and it won't support those if they are not formatted just perfectly. If you use innerHTML of the body of the doc then you not only won't be able to support the tables but the innerHTML will strip many of the quotes from around tag paramaters and then flash won't support them.

              If your going to drive the site from data ( or xml) then you should probably drive both sites from the data instead of using one site to drive the other one.