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    new fonts

      iv downloaded a font but i dont now were to save it :-S
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          > iv downloaded a font but i dont now were to save it :-S
          > help

          Save it wherever and then put the font files into whichever location your
          particular operating system prefers them to be.


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            If you're on Windows....

            Is the file in a compressed archive, like .zip? If so, then you need to extract the font file from the archive. If you have the font file (.ttf or .otf), then...

            Go to Start > Control Panel. Find the Fonts item and double-click it to open it. You'll get something that looks like Windows Explorer, only it's specific to your system fonts folder. Set this window so it is not full screen.

            If you happened to download the font to your desktop, then just click on its icon and drag it into the fonts folder. You're done installing the font.

            If you downloaded the font someplace else, then start up Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where the font is. With both the Windows Explorer window and Fonts window open, drag the font to the Fonts window. You're done installing the font.

            I like to keep my downloaded fonts organized, so I have a special folder for them, with sub-folders for the source Web sites or designers. With Windows, when you click and drag a file from one folder to another on the same hard drive, the default action is to move the file. To copy, instead, right-click and drag, which brings up a menu, then you can select copy. (That isn't the only way, but it's the one I use.)

            Let me know if any of these steps need to be expanded.