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    Weird File Caching Phenomenon

    chopTheWood Level 1
      My Flash(as2) movie loads a whole bunch of thumbnail images. They're divided into two sets of, say, 25 each. You can switch back and forth between them by clicking on a radio button. The last version of the movie (only couple of edits ago) was fast in switching between the sets once both sets were loaded -obviously it had cached the images- such that the counter (counts the images as they load) never appeared. Now, the movie seems to load each set from the server every time I switch between them. The counter appears and it takes just as long as it did the first time.

      Is there something in as2 that could cause this or maybe something in the publish settings? I thought that the browser settings determined this but I used 2 different browsers on both the old and new movie and they both work the same way.

      There's nothing different in the loading routine that I can see.

      thank you for your thoughts