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    Accidentally hit the 'trim comp to work area'. Now I can't get my files back into comp timeline.


      I'm using After Effects CC on my macpro. When going to add a shot to the render queue, I accidentally hit the 'trim comp to work area' and didn't notice what had happened until I went to go back to work on other shots. I tried to hit Control Z but it was too late it seemed and it wouldn't go back to how it was. i tried resetting the length of the comp and putting the files back, but no use. Tried making a new comp and copy and pasting all the files in the side panel of my orig comp, but nothing. Tried re-adding the same file from the project window and copying and pasting the effects keyframes from the orig shot to the new one but they didn't line up properly.


      I still have all the files in the comp side panel but can't seem to get them back into the now extended timeline. I still have all the effects I've been doing for the past 3 weeks, but can't do anything to get them into a position where I can continue to manipulate them.


      I've searched a bunch of forums and can't find this problem anywhere.


      Have I lost all my work? Please help.