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    Still photos


      I had a mixture of still photos and video and now that I have dfinished editing my video I find the still photos are at the end of the video.  Is it not possible to have a mixture and if this is so how do I dellete the still photos.  If it is possible how do I get them back in the right order if I can remember where they go.  Also what  might I have done wrong to get this outcome.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's hard to say what you've done wrong without know what you've done. or which version of the program you're using.


          Did you add your clips and photos one at a time by dragging each to your timeline?


          If not, how did you add them to your timeline?

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            SiriYam Level 1

            Hi Thanks for answering.  I have Adobe Premier Elements 11 and I went to

            organizer then Import from File and folders and imported a file which

            had the still photos and the videos together in order of when they were

            taken.  Each time I went back to edit them they were in their correct

            place and now when I am ready to burn them they are not.  I rendered

            them and I am not sure what render means in this context but the program

            kept asking me to do this so I thought it must be good.  Was this the




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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              What you're describing would import your videos and photos into the Organizer.


              How are you adding these photos and videos to your Premiere Elements timeline?


              And, yes, you should render (by pressing the Enter key) whenever you see a yellow orange line along the top of the timeline in Expert view.