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    Error while installing Premiere Elements (trial)


      Dear all,


      For my study I need to use Adobe Premiere Elements. A few days ago I decided to download it through the Adobe installer. All worked well, the setup started successful as well. But when it reaches the 'shared technologies' part, it displays an error. The error does not state the shared technologies is the problem, but as I have tried six times by now and it always crashes at that point, I am pretty sure this is the problem.


      As I said, I have tried installing it several times by now, turned the computer off and on several times, changed the OOBE folder, tried to install Pr. Ele. on a guest account on my computer.

      I have read the forum thoroughly but unfortunately to no use. I really, really hope someone can help because I do need to use this program and I cannot think of something I did wrong with downloading/ installing.


      Some specifications of my pc:

      - Acer Aspire

      - Windows 7

      - own CS6