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    PE10 Update Patch for supporting Sony HDR-CX430V?


      EDIT: Nevermind, after yet another 30 minutes of tinkering with the software (I swear I'm gonna switch to Final Cut Pro, probably today!), I finally figured out that the device is under AVCHD camcorders rather than HDV devices.  Adobe could have made it simpler by simply detecting the device plugged in to the computer, but I guess that convenience would be just too easy for users.



      Well, after 20 minutes of jumping through countless ridiculous Adobe hoops (and no less than 5 repeated Adobe logins) just to GET to this page, I'm finally able to type my question.  (Yes, Adobe, you kind've suck when it comes to web page design and software user-interfaces...)


      I'm using (barely - the non-intuitive user-interface really inhibits usage) Adobe Premier Elements 10 (why? because that's the version I purchased) and it's not recognizing my new Sony HDR-CX430V camcorder.  I shouldn't be required to purchase a newer version of PE just to interface with a newer camcorder. Is there a way of simply downloading an update so it will recognize the camera? When I transfer video from the camera to a local folder in Finder (yes, I'm also on a Mac, which Adobe also doesn't seem to like very well) then try selecting the copied file via Get Media > Files and Folders, the file is grayed out and doesn't allow selecting. Yet, the copied videos play fine in QuickTime Player. If I cannot use my new camera with this increasingly worthless piece of software, I'm going to switch over to something more user-friendly. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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          Sorry that you have had problems with the Adobe Forums, but fear not, you are not alone in that respect. Many feel that the Forums could be better, and easier to navigate. Some of the problems are with the software (for the Forums) provided by Jive, but some of them come from Adobe's Forum Design Team. Many on the Adobe Forums Team (not the same as either Jive, or the Design Team) are working to improve things, but a lot of users feel that the process is going too slowly. There is a dedicated Adobe Forum, just for discussing the forums, themselves: http://forums.adobe.com/community/general/forum_comments


          Now, back to Capture from a miniDV tape camera, whether for SD, or HD/HDV. That is a process, which is passing away, as a tapeless workflow takes over the industry. It will likely fade away, at some point, but is still useful for people using legacy hardware for video recording. As I still have miniDV tape cameras, I will be sad to see it go away completely, and will have to use other software (or older versions of Premiere) to do my Capture.


          With AVCHD, and any number of other tapeless formats, one does not Capture, so there is really no camera to recognize. One would use Get Media/Add Media, either directly from the camera's card, or after transfer of the card's data to the HDD (Hard Disk Drive), use that function to Import the media data, into the Project. No Capture, per se, is required any longer. Capture was also only possible through a FireWire connection (IEEE-1394a), and not via a USB connection. Most tapeless cameras do not have a FW connection, and USB is only one-way, so there is not way for PrE to even detect the specs. of a camera - though that is not necessary any longer. It's even becoming more difficult to find a computer with a FW-400 connector, whether a Mac, or PC.


          I am sorry that you got messed up on Capture, and perhaps Adobe should add a pop-up detailing that it is ONLY for a miniDV tape camera?


          Good luck, and glad that you discovered the workflow for getting the media from a tapeless, AVCHD camera.



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            I have gone through the tutorials (which is yet another series of hoops to jump through just to get Adobe TV working, but I digress), and they barely cover basic functionality (a simple overview of features rather than actually how to DO particular tasks).  On one hand I can appreciate the industry's adoption of selling software without user manuals in order to reduce costs and improve environmental impact, but on the other hand it tends to make for steeper learning curves by the users.


            The CX430V is a tapeless camera, and I naively was looking in HDV for the camera instead of AVCHD.  I still maintain that if a camera is plugged in to the computer's USB port and a user clicks on Get Media, the software should be smart enough to simply prompt for import from camera versus from file system.  Why all the camera menus?  I mean, really, who is going to have multiple cameras connected up to their computer all at the same time, where you'd need to differentiate between the different devices?  (Definitely the minority group of users there.)


            I think I'm going to switch over to Final Cut Pro.  It looks like it might be easier to use (designed for Mac, rather than designed for PC but hey we have this Mac version for you other guys) and also looks like it has more features.  Then I hopefully won't also have a bouncing icon on the Dock every 5 minutes while it's idle in the background.  (Really, the icon bounces once roughly every 5 minutes of non-use, trying to regain attention.  None of my other background applications have this vanity complex...)

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              I agree about the lack of manuals, but that is how the software world is going - I miss my manuals badly.


              I highly recommend Steve Grisetti's excellent books on PrE (and PsE, plus some other programs), and also both his Basic Training and Learning Series - they make up for a lack of manuals. Links, plus more, in this Tips & Tricks article: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3953827#3953827


              For some background on FCPx, this thread might be useful: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3778001#3778001


              As for comparing FCPx and PrE, there should be differences, and also more power, as one is speaking of a US $1,300 program vs a US $100 program. I would hope that there is much more to FCPx, than PrE.


              Good luck,



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                We bought PsE for its wonderful feature set, and have yet to edit a single photo with it.  Can't get past the dumb "Organizer" concept.  (I shouldn't have to add a photo to some abstract "organizer" simply to edit it, but PsE seems to insist on it.  It also suffers from the same non-intuitive user-interface.)  I use Gimp for all my photo editing, which is more user-friendly and has a better price tag.


                FCPx is a $299 download from the App store (with a free trial version to test it out), so I don't know where you're getting $1,300 from?

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                  It appears that you are talking about two different Adobe products: Photoshop Elements (Image editor), and Premiere Elements (Video editor). Both use the Elements Organizer for media organization, and some other operations.


                  As for the price of FCPx, this is the link: http://www.mychoicesoftware.com/apple-final-cut-studio-retail-box/?ref=lexity&_vs=google&_ vm=productsearch&adtype=pla&gclid=CKD9_MjWv7wCFQ-DfgodT2YAbg


                  I rounded down to US $1,300, when the price is basically US $1,400. Not sure what you are getting from the Apple Apps Store?


                  Good luck,



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                    We bought both applications at the same time, Photoshop Elements and Premier Elements.  I've been able to edit video projects in Premier without needing to use an organizer.  Photoshop will not launch without the Organizer like Premier does.


                    That link is for Final Cut Pro Studio, which includes FPC7 (not X), Motion 4, Soundtrack Pro 3, Color 1.5, Compressor 3.5, DVD Studio Pro 4, DVDs, and printed documentation.  FCP from the Apps Store for $299 is just FCP-X (10) standalone (none of the other bundled software).


                    Thanks for your replies, but after researching and comparing all morning I've decided to use Final Cut Pro X for my project rather than Premier Elements.

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                      I have just seen your thread. It would appear that your decisions have been made. If so, success with your video editing project.


                      If you want to work through troubleshooting of the Sony video and Premiere Elements 10 with me, I would be glad for the opportunity to be of assistance. But, such would require exchanges of information with follow ups until we both conclude "mission possible" or "mission impossible". Just looking at your situation in print, you should have a workable situation at least with the files saved to the computer hard drive.