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    Horrible chopper timeline playback peformance


      Trying out Flash CC I'm getting absolutly horrible timeline playback performance.


      I made a single circle graphic object, and using a classic tween between 2 points to make it travel across the screen.


      The playback is so inconsistent.  24 fps, then hangs for a while, showing 5.75 fps, then 13 fps, then 18, back to 4.  it just can't display it properly.




      Win 7 64bit

      16gb ram

      Nvidia Titan GTX 690 (tried latest official and beta drivers)


      Scrubbing is choping as well, the time slider will get "stuck" on random frames and then jump to where the mouse is.


      Are there any settings anywhere that changes what type of graphic renderer the software is using? eg: software/open gl etc?


      I'm trying to see if there's something else running on my system that might be interfeering with it but no luck so far.


      Does flash have problems with SLI cards such as a gtx 690?, can i run flash cc in a different mode that might help prevent this terrible performance?  Its impossible to do any animation like this.