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    Problems with .obj export

    de.kc.mo Level 1

      Hello, I, having a problem exporting .obj files from Photoshop CS6. I will create a 3D object made up out of several pieces, like 5, in Photoshop and in the Photoshop window it looks great. I will then export an .obj file that I will the open in an Element 3D layer in After Effects. When it opens sometimes the pieces will be disconnected. Sometimes if all the parts are still all conected when i go to add materials to the object it renders the object like the outer skin is transperent. I cannot find much material on this issue. If any one can offer any help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.Example1a.jpg

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A couple of things I can think of.


          1)The only true way that the object could be a single object is when all objects are merged and they share the same surface. Seperating an object by color or texture could cause the object to become divided. This may not always happen, but it can happen.

          2)As for the mesh to look transparent, that can be the cause of the polys being flipped, so you are seeing the inside of the poly instead of the outside like you should be.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Your normals are reversed, which is a common issue due to how Photohop doesn't care for this stuff. Either enable double-sided materials in Element or use the reverse normals switch. Otherwise fix such stuff in a proper 3D program. Blender is free, after all.



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              de.kc.mo Level 1

              Thank you Silkrooster and Mylenium for your responses. Your both correct about about the normals being flipped. By using the reverse normal switch in Element the model will work well enough for it's intended project. Looks like I will be turning to Blender for this kind of thing in the furture. Do you happen to know if Blender will export an .obj? Thanks again for the responses guys I appreciate it alot.