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    Access denied

      There seem to be so many 'access denied' issues - can someone point me in the right direction please.

      I have a charity client and their 2 users get 'access denied' issues on 2 machines.

      No changes have been made to the site set up in months. They have upgraded (today) to latest version of Contribute but problem (which was not there before this week) persists. What they do to get around it is:

      Open Contribute 3
      Hit 'Edit page'
      If 'access denied' - close Contribute
      Open Contribute
      Hit 'Edit page'
      Make edits
      Hit 'Publish'
      "Access denied"
      Close Contribute
      Open Contribute
      Publishes OK
      Close Contribute
      Open Contribute
      Edit new file

      At my end Dreamweaver 8 works fine, as does Contribute 3 whether I am admin or 'publisher'.