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    Why doesn't ADE recognize my Kobo?


      For months I have been borrowing and downloading library books to my computer and from there onto my Kobo using Adobe Digital Editions. Today, my ereader device (Kobo) does not show up on ADE and therefore I cannot drag and drop my borrowed book to my Kobo. Can anyone tell me why and how to fix it? I did update my iPod touch IOS system and lost many things on my iPod, but I didn't think this would affect my ADE. Thank you.

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          I am having the same problem, except mine occurred when I replaced my laptop and the new laptop uses Windows 8.1.  I can not get the "new" laptop to recognize my KOBO Touch device, despite the fact that when I used my "old" laptop, I was easily able to borrow and  download books onto my KOBO.  any help would be aprreciated.  I tried phoning both KOBO and Adobe and no help at all....