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    InDesign Errors Out Won't Launch

    Vonster Level 1

      If you're an Adobe fan boy and are easily offended you will not want to read this post.


      Download InDesign CC, launch it and get this?



      WTH Proper permissions? Your installer asked me what my admin password was and I entered it. You have the correct permission.


      Doesn't anyone at Adobe actually use their own software? How the hell did this get through beta testing? Too many noodlers not enough real-world user testing I assume?


      How do I fix this without having to do some dumb-*** long winded methodology?


      YES, I've searched the forum. No it wasn't helpful it was about as clear as mud.


      YES, I've fixed permission on my machine. Didn't do squat.


      So if anyone has a real fix for this I'd be interested. The next thing I'm going to try is to uninstall this and re-download and reinstall to see if that works. If it acts like most Adobe software that won't work either.


      What a wonderful user experience Adobe creates.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          Instead of using mal speed with senseless words, you should give some information:

          • Which OS? I see you use Mac OS, but the screen shot does not tell anything about the version you have used.
          • Did you install the CC application?
          • Did you logn?
          • Are you adminstrator?
          • If you have problems with permissions on your Mac, did you ever use the Disk Utility to repair your disk permissions? (Should be done on a regular way.)
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            Vonster Level 1

            Not sure what Mal speed is?


            - OS: Mac 10.9.1

            - Installed InDesign CC (Being the InDesign forum I thought that would be obvious?)

            - Yes I logged in. The install asked for my Admin PW and I gave it.

            - Yes I'm the administrator

            - Yes I ran disk utility. (Did you not read my post?)


            This is distinctly a problem with the app not my system.

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              Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

              Try to open an new administrator account, install it there, after that you can delete it.

              PS: My autocorrection here exchanged mal speach to mal speed.

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                Vonster Level 1

                How is that a fix? I can install it just fine. I've already done that it just won't open?


                If I install using another administrator account than it's associated with that new account. I don't want to do that I needs to be in the administrator account everything else is installed in.


                This is clearly a bug in Adobe software and needs to be fixed.


                I've had to deal with a lot of crAPP Adobe Software over the last two weeks. It's all around CC versions. There is clearly a problem they are not fixing and the last one (Ai) I had to have an engineer remotely login and they determined it was indeed a bug.


                What I consider "Mal" is Adobes nebulous error messages that leave users stranded and unable to work.


                So a work around really isn't a fix. I need a fix and it looks like there isn't one.

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                  Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                  You need only to install the administrator account for this unique purpose. Later you can delete it.

                  This is a known problem. It does not happen very often. And as far as I know Aodbe is working together with Apple to find the reason for it. This is at the moment the only known solution that will work for this issue. You can leave your normal Admin Account as it is untouched, you need it only for installing CC and in some cases the Flash Player Update.

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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    This is a known issue that comes up from time to time. See Replace Your Preferences for the locateions of the TWO folders that you need to be sure have full permissions, which you can change manually. For some reason the installer sometimes fails to set the permissions correctly.