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    Drop Cap Issue

    posterns-design Level 1

      So have a Drop Cap set up as a nested style for an opening chapter for a book. Body style is Sabon and the Drop Cap is Gill Sans and is set up through 1 character. The drop cap is applying the Gill Sans properly to the first letter (which is the Drop Cap), but it's also making the next character Gill Sans as well (not as a drop cap but in its regular size. So for example, the word "All" starts the paragraph, and the A is Gill Sans and a drop Cap, and the first 'l' is Gill Sans and the second "l" Sabon. I've cleared all charcter styles and still the second character won't automatically change to Sabon. I've even tried setting the Nested Style through 1 letter, but that didn't help either.


      Using latest version of CC.