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    Pop up menus - network links

      I am working on an intranet site. On this particular page, that would have a lot of links, I decided to use pop ups. Some of the links will go to other intranet pages, so I can type in the url (the url links are working). I want some of the links to pull up documents [that will be stored with the web files in the network folder, in subfolders...].

      I found a post on here with a similar issue:

      my pop up menu links are failing. If I place an existing web address like www.google.com or com other website I can get them to work but when I place the directory and file name of a page on my site ( X:\directory1\subdirectory\filename.htm) I can't seem to get them to work. Is there a specific format the file name has to be in to get the menus to work? It's driving me crazy.

      and this was the reply

      are you using a template? I had the same problem and had to do this:
      instead of this folder/file.html
      I had to do this ../folder/fole.html
      if you are using a template it is thinking that your files are in the template directory, so you actuall have to back out of the directory in order to access the files

      which I found insightful. I have tried "backing out" and see the difference ( instead of getting nothing or error on page. I now can tell the the computer is looking for the file in the link, the results are "page cannot be displayed").I think I am headed in the right direction, but I haven't figured out how to fill in the location so that my links work.
      FYI, I am using fireworks and dreamweaver. So instead working on the graphics (fw) file, I decided to just experiment with the code directly using dw.

      Can any add more?