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    Jump to frame to create a sort of loop


      Hello and thanks for reading.


      I'm currently having this problem: I'm making a flash game that includes talking interactions between the playable character and NPCs. What I want is a way to get the NPC to blink every once in a while if the player remains in the same screen.


      In other words, I want to create a sort of 'loop', for example, in frames 1-5, with the character blinking during frames 4 and 5. I've already asignated buttons so that the player can get out of the 'loop', but I'm having trouble in getting from frame 5 back to frame 1. At first, I used




      but it just kept crashing, until an error telling me to use onClipEvent popped up. I decided to try it, not really knowing how to in this particular case, and of course it didn't work. So basically, I'm out of ideas, since I know only the basics of AS 2.


      Any help would be appreciated.