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    Indesign server application


      I have a separate web application, which among other things works with Indesign files.

      I need to process indesign files:

      1)extract text; return extracted text to my application;

      2)replace some specific text content inside document; return output document to my webapplication;

      I need this entire processing to be automated. So I would like to pass file to some application (idnesign server script/plugin? running somehwere ), which would work with file and give me an output.

      Is it feasible? How would I go about such task? What bits of Adobe software would I need?


      It seems that I need Indesign Server CC, but I can't figure out theoretical workflow. From what I gathered, I can develop some script for indesign server, that will do the job. But how would script inside server might be triggered and notified about incoming file?


      Any suggestion/links/information is deeply appreciated.