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    Insert HTML and export to PDF problem (ID CS6)




      A new feature in Indesign CS6 is to insert HTML snippets in an Indesign document via the Object > Insert HTML option.

      This will insert a frame in the page containing the rendered HTML content.


      There are several issues that I have encountered using this feature in Indesign CS6. Can anyone advise if these are bugs/ux issues and provide any alternatives/solutions.


      1) After inserting any HTML content (even the default "This is an HTML snippet"), when I try to export to PDF format (Interactive or Print), the  HTML content or rather its frame container is rendered in black. I've noticed that the HTML content is exported as a image so all I get are black rectangles.

      There is no problem when I try to export to HTML format.


      2) There seems to be a paste size limit in the Insert HTML text area/field as I can only paste 16566 characters of HTML code. (Haven't checked yet if the limit is in characters or tags or newlines).


      3) How can you set such that the HTML object frame will span multiple pages for cases where the HTML content is larger than the height of the page? Since it is not a text frame, I can't find a threading feature or a possible workaround. Or is the "Insert HTML" feature not really applicable for PDF export workflows but only for epubs?