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    Flash Builder 4.7 crashes on start up constantly. Mac OSX 10.9

    richard231288 Level 1

      I am having many issues using Flash Builder at the moment. I am using Flash Builder 4.7 on Mac OSX 10.9 (Mavericks). My Java version is Version 7 update 51. The JRE is 1.7


      The first problem is that the program has begun to crash on start up. The workspace opens for a second or two and then crashes with no error or log. This is now happening constantly.


      On the occasions when it does start up within around 5 minutes I receive an 'Unexpected character. " is not allowed here'. There are no characters at all at the point the error suggests.


      The Problems tab says that the unexpected character is on the last line, there is only a } and then nothing following. It doesn't matter what code I am working on, this error happens on all of them. It also gives multiple sets of these errors. On one occasion there were 169 errors relating to the unexpected character.


      With these errors, Flash Builder is currently unusable. I would appreciate any assistance that can be given.


      I noticed on the system requirements that OSX Mavericks is not listed, does anyone know if there will be an update to Flash Builder soon?