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    Map simple <Tags></Tags> to styles when imported


      Dear Community,


      I’m struggling with a Word file I was sent by an editor for me to typeset in InDesign.

      Attached was a codesheet aswell, indicating the tags in use. Here are some:




      _____      <pn>          begin part number

      _____      <pt>     begin part title

      _____      <cn>     begin chapter number

      __x___     <ct>     begin chapter title

      _____      <sub>   begin subtitle

      _____      <ca>     begin chapter author

      _____      <epi>          begin prose epigraph

      _____      <pepi>  begin poetry epigraph




      __x___    <txa>          begin subhead A

      _____      <txb>          begin subhead B

      _____      <ext>          begin prose extract

      _____      <pext>  begin poetry extract

      _____      <dial>   begin dialogue extract

      _____      <hn>          begin headnote

      _____      <nl>       begin numbered list

      _____      <unl>          begin unnumbered list

      _____      <tbl>     begin simple table

      __x___    <ul>           begin underline

      __x___    </ul>     end underline

      __x___    <dul>    begin double underline

      __x___    </dul>   end double underline




      __x___     roman

      _____       boldface

      __x___     underline (italic)

      _____       italic (notes to comp.)

      _____       superscript

      _____       subscript

      __x___     strikethrough




      __x___      “          open quote

      __x___      ”          close quote

      __x___      ‘          open single quote

      __x___      ’          close single quote

      __x___      “<th>‘          open triple quote

      __x___      ’<th>”          close triple quote

      __x___      . . .          three-dot ellipsis

      __x___      . . . .          four-dot ellipsis

      __x___      –          en dash

      __x___      —          em dash



      A sample text would read:

      "It a lack of practice for one, as I did not for ever have assignment which had to be <ul>planned firmly or at least not enough.</ul> I am tired, weary, not really in need of rest, exhausted yet alive"


      I would now, for instance, like to place the text into InDesign, make "planned firmly or at least not enough" underlined and remove the <ul></ul> before and after. I’ve read a lot about "InDesign Tagged Text" but the tags I’m dealing with seem to be a little simpler. Does one of you know how I can convert or map these tags into the corresponding paragraph or character styles?


      Any hint is highly appreciated!


      Many thanks,