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    Photoshop 3d obj interacting strangely with other layers


      After Effects and Photoshop CS5.


      I have an imported photoshop 3d object which on its own behaves as it should.


      But, when I place it in front of other layers (2d in 3d space) I can see the other layers through the photoshop 3d layer. They are all behaving in space as they should, apart from the fact that the photoshop layer seems to be made of glass (which it isn't).


      I can't for the life of me work out what I am doing wrong.

      Apart from this, I can't get shadows to work in this comp, where in another comp which is exactly the same apart from the imported PS 3d object, they are working fine. (If I hide the PS 3d object, shadows and lighting work fine with the rest of the objects)


      Or is all of this impossible because I'm using a PS 3d object?


      I would be grateful for any ideas, because I am totally stumped.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, you completely misunderstand how this works, I'm afraid. PS Live 3D is merely an intra-layer effect and does not in any way interact with AE's own 3D beyond responding to the camera. That's no differtent than using 3D-ish effects like Trapcode Particular - the effect may look 3D, but is applied to a 2D layer. And that also explains all your otehr issues - any form of 2D layer inbetween 3D layers breaks 3D rendering order. You need to re-structure your project by splicing the stuff to separate comps and cross-linking the cameras to get the illusion.



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            rrpepper Level 1

            Thank you, Mylenium, for your response. I was about 50% there in my understanding of PS 3d, objects and you have clarified it entirely.

            I shall try what you suggest.