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    Performance issue with Flash CC.


      I have performance issue with Flash CC (updated, All GUI is slows when I move objects, draw lines with pen tool, etc. When I play simple motion tween with circle symbol it moves with jerks and fps is like up and down in different time. I have a Toshiba notebook, with 4gb RAM, Intel i3 CPU, only HD 3000 GPU. CPU performance is around 2 or 3 % when i play animation, 1gb RAM free so I think maybe it is GPU issue? Flash CS6 is work perfect on this machine and I don't know what to do...

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          I think you're aware the on-CPU HD 3000 graphics is the low end option. On my older laptops that use HD 4000 I get similar results. Even on a discreet old Radeon Mobility HD 4xxx series I get pretty sluggish performance. All of this also goes away when I use CS6 (so I do). However, performance in any rig with a GeForce 5/670 or HD 68xx/78xx and above works very well (fairly old GPUs).


          By what you noticed, the CPU being bored, it's not a memory or CPU limit. Flash CC clearly makes much heavier usage of the GPU (most other CC apps as well).

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