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    magic tool


      Does anyone know why when i use the magic eraser tool in small areas it shuts down Photoshop? It's fine in larger areas.


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          PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

          Hello, no idea. Could you share the contents of help>system info? So that we can see your platform, if Photoshop is up to date, etc.

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            pixel8id Level 1

            Adobe Photoshop Version: 8.0 (8.0x118)


            Operating System: Windows NT


            Version: 6.1 Service Pack 1


            System architecture: Intel CPU Family:6, Model:12, Stepping:3 with MMX, SSE Integer, SSE FP


            Built-in memory: 0 MB


            Free memory: 0 MB


            Memory available to Photoshop: 1703 MB


            Memory used by Photoshop: 50 %


            Image cache levels: 4


            Use image cache for histograms: No


            Serial number: 10451756207109993438


            Application folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Photoshop CS\


            Temporary file path: C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Temp\


            Photoshop scratch has async I/O enabled


            Scratch volume(s):


              Startup, 223.5G, 76.2G free


            Primary Plug-ins folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Photoshop CS\Plug-Ins\


            Additional Plug-ins folder: not set


            Installed plug-ins:


               ADM 2.84pe69a 02.06.17-00:03:36h


               ASDStrm 1.02x7 02.02.15-01:45:06h


               Accented Edges 8.0


               Acrobat TouchUp Image 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Angled Strokes 8.0


               Average 8.0 (8.0x115)


               BMP 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Bas Relief 8.0


               Camera Raw 2.0


               Chalk & Charcoal 8.0


               Charcoal 8.0


               Chrome 8.0


               Cineon 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Clouds 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Color Halftone 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Colored Pencil 8.0


               CompuServe GIF 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Conditional Mode Change 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Contact Sheet II 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Conté Crayon 8.0


               Craquelure 8.0


               Crop and Straighten Photos 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Crop and Straighten Photos Filter 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Crosshatch 8.0


               Crystallize 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Cutout 8.0


               Dark Strokes 8.0


               De-Interlace 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Difference Clouds 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Diffuse Glow 8.0


               Displace 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Dry Brush 8.0


               Embed Watermark 1.70.19


               Export Transparent Image 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Extract 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Extrude 8.0 (8.0x115)


               FastCore Routines 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Fibers 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Film Grain 8.0


               Filmstrip 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Filter Gallery 8.0


               Fit Image 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Fresco 8.0


               Generic EPS 8.0


               Generic PDF 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Glass 8.0


               Glowing Edges 8.0


               Grain 8.0


               Graphic Pen 8.0


               Halftone Pattern 8.0


               Ink Outlines 8.0


               Lens Blur 8.0


               Lens Flare 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Lighting Effects 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Liquify 8.0


               MMXCore Routines 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Mezzotint 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Mosaic Tiles 8.0


               Multi-Page PDF to PSD 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Multiprocessor Support 8.0 (8.0x115)


               NTSC Colors 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Neon Glow 8.0


               Note Paper 8.0


               Ocean Ripple 8.0


               Online Services 8.0x100


               PCX 8.0 (8.0x115)


               PDF Image 8.0 (8.0x115)


               PNG 8.0 (8.0x115)


               PNG Icons 1.21x7 2001.12.14-1602h.21s


               Paint Daubs 8.0


               Palette Knife 8.0


               Patchwork 8.0


               Paths to Illustrator 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Pattern Maker 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Photo CD 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Photocopy 8.0


               Photomerge 8.0 (8.0x115)


               PhotomergeCylmap 8.0 (8.0x115)


               PhotomergeRender 8.0 (8.0x115)


               PhotomergeUI 8.0 (8.0x115)


              Picture Package 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Picture Package Filter 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Pinch 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Pixar 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Plaster 8.0


               Plastic Wrap 8.0


               Pointillize 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Polar Coordinates 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Poster Edges 8.0


               Radial Blur 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Read Watermark 1.70.19


               Resize Image 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Reticulation 8.0


               Ripple 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Rough Pastels 8.0


               Save for Web 8.0


               ScriptingSupport 8.0


               Shear 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Smart Blur 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Smudge Stick 8.0


               Solarize 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Spatter 8.0


               Spherize 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Sponge 8.0


               Sprayed Strokes 8.0


               Stained Glass 8.0


               Stamp 8.0


               Sumi-e 8.0


               Targa 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Texturizer 8.0


               Tiles 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Torn Edges 8.0


               Twain Acquire 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Twain Select 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Twirl 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Underpainting 8.0


               Variations 8.0 (8.0x115)


               WIA Support 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Water Paper 8.0


               Watercolor 8.0


               Wave 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Web Photo Gallery 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Wind 8.0 (8.0x115)


               Wireless Bitmap 8.0 (8.0x115)


               ZigZag 8.0 (8.0x115)


            Installed TWAIN devices:


               WIA-WIA CanoScan LiDE 110


               CanoScan LiDE 110

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              Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

              Has it always done this or just started?


              Have you reset the photoshop cs preferences by pressing holding down the Shift+Alt+Ctrl keys just after starting the launch of photoshop cs

              and then pressing Yes in the dialog that appears?




              You might try the multiprocessor update for photoshop cs and see if that makes a difference.




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                pixel8id Level 1

                I believe it all started happening since the new Windows 7 was installed. I can’t remember having problems before that. I tried resetting preferences but nothing happens. I tried your suggestion on the update of multiprocessor but I need “owner permission”.

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                  Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                  You have to be quick about hiiting the Shift+Alt+Ctrl keys just after starting the launch of photoshop cs

                  or you won't get that dialog.


                  Just after you double click on the photoshop cs shortcut, press and hold the Shift+Alt+Ctrl keys.


                  You probably have to log into an account that has administrative permisions to update the multiprocessor plugin.

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                    pixel8id Level 1

                    Thank you! I just did it quicker and up popped the dialog box. Now it is talking about scratch volume (attached) I haven’t got a clue how to do that.

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                      Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                      You your Scratch disk settings are found in Preferences > Performance.  

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                        Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                        In photoshop cs that would be under Edit>Preferences>Plugins & Scratch Disks


                        Sometimes photoshop just shows a message about having the scratch disk on the same drive (volume) as cs is installed.


                        If that's what you saw and only have one drive, then you can ignore the message

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                          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                          You saw a message like below?




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                            pixel8id Level 1


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                              pixel8id Level 1

                              I opened preferences>plug ins and scratch disks and this is what it looks like (attached)

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                                Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                                If you just have one hard drive the the scratch disk should be set to Startup.


                                If you keep getting that message, you may have to right click on the photoshop cs shortcut and choose Run as Administrator.

                                Then hopefully after clicking ok, and starting photoshop cs normally you won't get that message anymore.


                                The message is just a suggestion that the scatch disk for photoshop should be set to another drive, besides C drive for better

                                photoshop performance, but if you only have one drive (partitions don't count), then your only choice is your startup drive.